Atari VCS hand-on review: Imagine the SNES Classic Mini and Nvidia Shield TV combined

The Atari VCS – formerly Ataribox – has had a relatively rocky ride since it was announced last year. A delay to its crowd funding phase, let alone launch, brought the cynics out of the woodwork. Even though they, like everyone else outside of the development team, have few ideas as to what the final product might be.

To be completely honest, we’re not entirely sure ourselves. The prototype shown at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco was simply an un-working concept design unit. As were the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller.

They lit up, but nothing else.

However, we’re happy to give the Atari VCS the benefit of doubt because a quick chat with Michael Arzt, Atari’s COO of connected devices gave us more insight into what the final box might offer. It also proved that this is a true passion project undertaken by dedicated Atari fans who want nothing but the best. And are willing to delay release in order to achieve it.

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