Astell and Kern’s SE200 is the world’s first multi-DAC digital audio player

Astell&Kern has introduced the SE200, the second model in its A&futura series and the world’s first multi-DAC portable player.

After launching its cheapest portable music player in the A&norma SR25, Astell & Kern latest will set customers back a substantial £1799.

But there’s good reason for the price. The SE200 is a world first in that it features two audiophile-calibre Sabre ESS9068AS DACs (in a dual DAC configuration), alongside a single AKM4499EQ (last seen in the flagship SP2000).

This setup allows users to customise the SE200’s sound to suit their tastes as well as the genre of music being played. The multi-DAC functionality can be used separately or together, and there’s a selection of manufacturer-designed DAC filters which offers further options to fine-tune the sound.

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