Apple TV has finally opened its doors to a whole new world of gaming with tvOS 14

Let’s be honest – Apple has never been known as a company with a determined grip on gaming. It’s often played second (or third, or fourth) fiddle to other ambitions, with the smartphone giant occasionally remembering it exists and making half-hearted steps forward, stopping short of something potentially magnificent. 

Apple Arcade was one such venture, which made a colossal splash in late 2019 with the likes of Sayonara Wild Hearts and Chu Chu Rocket. But this subscription service has sadly faded into obscurity, not really catching as much attention compared to other gaming platforms. It isn’t as relevant in the current conversation about gaming.

Obviously this shouldn’t discount the achievement of Apple Arcade, and how it has undoubtedly allowed millions of players to access a library of games they would have otherwise ignored. Whether you played on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, it’s easy to jump in and play with little to no obstacles. That is, unless you’re someone who can’t play through traditional means.

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