Apple iPod Shuffle review:

THE GOOD: The Apple iPod Shuffle is affordably priced with a compact design and long-lasting battery. It’s both stylish and easily wearable, thanks to its sturdy built-in clip.

THE BAD: Requires a USB sync from a PC or Mac running iTunes. There’s no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Only 2GB of storage. Navigating your music is a bit difficult without a screen. You can’t download subscription Apple Music songs.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Apple’s most affordable iPod is a cheap, workout-friendly option for listening to music or podcasts, but it shows its age with a reliance on iTunes syncing and lack of wireless support.

Before the iPhone was Apple’s bread and butter, there was the iPod.

For years, my iPod and I were inseparable. No longer tethered to my denim FUBU CD case/purse hybrid and bulky CD player, the sleek, pocket-size Apple MP3 player was the immediately lovable, magical music box I could bring with me anywhere I went.

I experienced a similar kind of euphoric relief when I got my first iPhone; I no longer had to carry my flip phone and iPod, just this infectiously alluring, futuristic, pocket-size computer.


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