AKG K52 review

For some time now, AKG has been the king of affordable headphones. From the AKG K451 to the AKG Y50 (£50), the last five years have seen the company pick up a string of What Hi-Fi? Awards.

The AKG K52 over-ears are the latest budget headphones to win us over. At £30/$45, the K52s sit on the cheapest end of a new line, followed closely by the K72 (£40/$60) and the K92 (£50/$75).

Price-wise, the closest competition would seem to come from within – the Award-winning Y50s. But they are a completely different proposition.

Whereas the Y50s are a portable on-ear pair, the K52s are designed for home use. They don’t fold up, nor are there any in-line remote controls.

Build and comfort

The over-ear design is surprisingly light. Despite its low price, no part of the headphones’ construction feels poorly made. They feel durable, too, which is a rare thing for such a budget price.

The AKG K52 headphones have a metal frame that’s sturdy but remains lightweight. The headband isn’t adjustable; instead there’s a flexible, cushioned band that springs into place around your head.

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