8K TV – everything you need to know

While many of us are only just getting used to the idea of 4K TV, some brands and broadcasters are already investigating 8K resolution video…

Yes, 8K video could one day be a reality. It may not be any time soon, and there’s no guarantee it will ever happen, but from 8K TVs to 8K broadcasts, there is already plenty of investigation into how 8K content could become a reality.

It’s fair to say 4K TV is now mainstream. That doesn’t mean we’re all watching it, all of the time, but if you’re sizing up a new TV, and you care about picture quality, 4K resolution should be on the spec sheet.

And, thanks to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, 4K Blu-ray, BT and Sky, there is finally 4K content to watch. With what looks set to be the first 4K World Cup just around the corner, it really is a great time to get involved.

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