Ways In Which Smart Software Can Upgrade Your Business

In the past, a salesman might visit someone’s house. They would then promise a postal quote. Several days later this would be received, and the recipient might ring up and request the product or service. When the internet arrived, things changed dramatically because people were able to do more and more from their computers. 

The next major advance was the huge rise in the use of smartphones. People were able to communicate and do things no matter where they were, and all they needed was an internet connection. The incredible functionality of smart software was quickly adopted by the business world. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer companies today. 

A Brief Description

Smart software can be downloaded onto computers, tablets, and mobile phones, and the data accessed from anywhere using an internet connection. One can learn from the professionals at https://crm.webfletch.co.uk/ that mobile-friendly software has implications for almost every area of business. It can work alongside the company’s accounting software. It can even show whether a person has viewed a quote or invoice.  

An Enhanced Sales Process

With the advent of the internet, it has become possible for people to request sales visits online, by using a company’s internet calendar. Sales documents can even be signed on the go, using a mobile phone. 

It is also possible to auto-generate quotes from a person’s phone. The recipient is then able to accept the offer with the push of a button. Some smart applications enable debit or credit card payments to be made by simply swiping the card over a mobile phone. 

As a result of all these innovations, the whole sales process can be dramatically sped up. 

It Supports the Business Operation

Once a sale has been secured, smart software can be used to assign work to specific employees. Peoples’ online diaries can be remotely accessed to check their availability. 

These days, most business data are stored in the cloud and are therefore accessible online. Some software helps people access files that are securely held there, and to share them with selected people. It is possible these days to create a mobile office that does not just allow an employee to access this information; they can actually input and change it from wherever they are. 

Modern smart software can be used to track employees, monitor where they are and the distances they travel. This data helps support accountability and productivity. 

Easier Accounting and Meetings

From the luxury of their phone, an employee can view the bookkeeping and invoices for the company. They can oversee the cash flow and connect to different bank accounts. The software also exists that enables people to scan and organize their receipts and business cards. 

Some software applications can convert conversations into written documents in real-time. This enables employees to read meeting transcripts later on and to amend and share them if required.

Presentations, Projects, and Lists

Busy people can harness smart software to make use of potential downtime. Imagine needing to create a presentation, and actually doing so whilst traveling to the airport in a taxi. Modern technology even allows for such presentations to be interactive, hosting multi-users.

Some phone applications enable employees to create project ideas. Anything can be attached here, from photos and notes to online article links. Smart software has the functionality to allow lists to be categorized and prioritized. Data can even be updated using the Siri voice control found on iPhones. 

Smart software can be used to scan and edit documents, saving them in pdf format. Other applications can be used for organizing a person’s work itinerary. 

The Power of IFTTT Software and Password Protection

IFTTT stands for, ‘If This Then That’, and it combines different web applications. An example could be that when someone subscribes to a business website, notifications are issued via email. 

It’s common for people to battle with poor memories or despair over the number of passwords they need to remember. Fortunately, there are software applications that can securely hold them all online and can be accessed anywhere.

Smart software enables people to access data from their computers, laptops, phones, or tablets. They can actively input, edit, and create documents as well. Employees can manage customer data, oversee stock, and access company accounts and integrated analytics. They can automate sales and marketing, see statistical forecasting, and review historical service levels too. Smart software helps people manage employees and workflow, and do many more things besides. 

When such activities can occur using a simple internet connection, new vistas of efficiency, profitability, and possibility open up for businesses. As technology progresses and offers these opportunities, companies ignore them at their peril.

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