Steps to Recover Deleted Android Notifications

If you own an Android smartphone, we are confident that you know that the notifications can fill up quite fast. A lot of people do not wish to go through the trouble of checking each of these notifications randomly.

Thus, they clear them all without checking. It is 100% certain that at some point or other, all of you Android users must have done this. In this act of quickly clearing all the notifications, at times, you lose out on the important ones. So, when these essential Android notifications go into non-existence, how do you get them back? 

The Stock Android users can get back the lost Notifications of their Android smartphone by locating the Android notification history. David, an educator with FineGrades,says that he has a Samsung’s TouchWiz, and on his phone, it is not possible to retrieve the notifications via the Android notification history. Why is it so? It is because there are specific devices, which have a different user interface.

In these UIs, you cannot retrieve the notifications via Android history. But there is indeed a different solution for you. So, here, we will help you with an app-based solution for such phones. 

Accessing the notification history on Android phone

For the first time, the notification log was introduced on the Android smartphone with the OS Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The same is still found in the Android Operating System from Lollipop through Pie. With the Notification log, you can view the lost notifications. Steve, an adept educator who offers business analytics online courses,says that he was impressed by the notification log as it not only helps him see the lost Android notifications but also all of the system notifications.

However, not many people know about it since it is available via an almost-secret widget on the Android smartphone. In a few smartphones, you will also have to activate the developer options for unlocking the widget and retrieving all your loss notifications. 

For unlocking the developer options, you will have to follow the following steps: 

  • Head to the Settings menu of the phone. 
  • There, click on About phone. Following it, you will have to press on to the Build a couple of times. 
  • After you have done about three or maybe four taps, you will see an on-screen notification, which will intimate you about your developer status. 
  • Following it, a new section will be added onto the settings menu of the phone. 

Steps to recover the lost Android notifications

  • First, you need to long tap on the home screen’s empty space on your Android phone. 
  • Following it, you will have to tap on to the Widgets. 
  • Next, you can either scroll down or swipe left on the widget menu, and that will take you to the shortcut widget of settings. 
  • After this, you have to long-tap on the widget until you are directed to the home screen. Then, you can drag the same to your chosen home screen.  
  • In the setting menu which so appears, scroll down, and then tap on to the Notifications log. 
  • Following it, a notification log shortcut can be seen on the home screen. You can press on to it, and you can view your notification history. From there, you can retrieve all of your lost notifications. 

After you are in the log, you can see all the active notifications in white, and the other notifications, which were closed by you in grey. So, when you tap on to the grey notifications (your lost notifications), you will be redirected to the source of the notifications.  

App-based solutions 

Notification History Log

The above solution works great for the stock Android users, but it will not work on the other phones, which have a different User Interface setup, such as your Samsung smartphone. So, for the Samsung users, there is an app, which can be helpful. The app will work on all the smartphones, which let you recover and manage the notification history. It is the Notification History Log by ikva eSolutions. Tara, an assignment help provider with TAE who is a regular user of the Notification History Log app, says that it is a very well designed application, which keeps a thorough log of all the notifications. You can find notifications, which are up to a day old.

However, to get a history older than that, you will have to subscribe for the premium version. So, once you activate the Advanced History settings, it would bring up all the applications, which are responsible for these notifications. Regardless of the version you use, free or paid, the app is quite useful. 

Nova Launcher

If the UI of your phone is too far from the Android stock, then you would want a new launcher instead. Though there are several launchers available for Android users, the best one of them is the Nova Launcher. It is because the launcher is designed primarily for the said purpose. Derrick, an educator with TFTH,says his experience with Nova Launcher has been beyond phenomenal. For activating, you have to head to the Nova launcher widget, from there select the Activities, and then pick Settings. In the settings menu, you can locate the Notification Log.  Did you ever lose your notification history on Android? Do let us know in the comments below, how did you recover the same. 

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