Maxims to Check if Someone has Blocked your Number on iPhone

You’re a newly established business enterprise, and you have been embarking upon the journey of pitching clients. But, wait have you noticed that no matter how many times you try contacting a client, the call never seems to be answered. Well, you’ve been thinking of the possible reasons. Yes, you assume things like there might be network errors, the person might have put his phone on call forwarding, or even worse he/she has blocked your number. The first two instances might seem to be a little-understood, but having your number blocked can be daunting for your peace of mind. If nothing else, it seems to be the right way of knowing where you stand in someone’s eyes.

If you have an iPhone, you certainly can get an idea if things are going wrong for you. Call blocking was one of the most convenient and efficient iPhone features and was introduced back in 2013 as a part of the iOS 7 update. The experts are all pro for this feature because, with this, you can easily avoid having calls from people you don’t wish to speak to. However, if you’ve been trying to contact someone and the number doesn’t seem to respond, you may want to know if you’ve been blocked. And, if that’s the case, is there something that you can do about the same?

Something that’s not too right is going ahead with someone who’s blocked you without even your consent. Well, it’ll come as a surprise to you, but there are a few ways you can use to know if someone has blocked you. Although, there is no clean and dried process for knowing if someone has blocked you, there are indeed some maxims to sense whether you’ve been blocked. There are several things to know if the clients you’re considering precious are blocking you. Can’t wait to know what these are? Well, let’s get started with discovering some of the full-prone ways.

Signs your iPhone Number has been blocked by someone:

Now that you have been trying to contact someone and he/she is not responding the same- it is an immediate sign that someone has blocked your number. There could be a possibility that they’ve been busy and they didn’t get a notification of you messaging them because people accessing multiple devices often don’t get alerts. But there are certainly some tell-a-tale signs that you’ve been blocked.

  • The other person never answers your calls:

You’ve been trying to call someone continuously, but they’ve not been answering it- it is a clear cut sign that they’re ignoring you. But, this also doesn’t mean that it is a full block. Your call not connecting doesn’t mean that you have your number blocked. Some signs that are sure to take you out of the confusion trap are:

The call rings several times and then heads to voicemail. A situation like this means that your number hasn’t been entirely blocked. The sign indicates that someone is avoiding taking your calls on purpose, and is not letting the same go to voicemail. The experts exclaim that the good news here is your knight-in-shining-armour hasn’t blocked you and doesn’t probably hate you. The downside, however, is that they don’t want to talk to you. Now there’s a hack to this. Some users have their Do Not Disturb mode enabled, which doesn’t seem to alert them of your calls. Another such possibility is that they have the feature for Repeated Calls enabled, which then lets you bypass the Do Not Disturb. The part finds its activation when you call them twice in three minutes, alerting the phone holder of your calls. Now how to tell if someone blocked your number or not? Well, the catch here is that if your need is ringing and you’re heading to voicemail, the fact isn’t reliable. However, if you have been blocked, you will find your voicemails still go, but will see you in a Blocked Messages queue fix.

  • Check the status of your sent iMessages:

Another right way of finding out if you’ve been added to the block list is by finding out if people you’re sending messages to are getting these or not. If last you discover that the recipient had their read receipts enabled, but after sending the message, the prompt shows iMessage delivered only, it’s time for you to be suspicious. Yet, if you feel that the recipient isn’t a read-receipt type. Having a message delivery confirmation isn’t sure, that is a Delivered message beneath the blue bubble. Tech giants suggest sending the news again as there’ll be an error message that offers re-sending the message as text or something else maybe.

  • Automation in responses:

Now that you’re interested in whether your number has been blocked or not, you think of SMS messaging and iMessages as the best indicators. Yet, just like unanswered calls, automated responses are a block for keeping the person away, without even blocking them. While scrolling through the iPhone, you get to the option of auto-replying to your contacts. These enable you to define the message your way, and the group most likely to receive the same.

How to call a person even though they’ve blocked you?

The iOS update 13 prevents users from calling you if they aren’t a part of your contact list. Now that the suggestions aren’t working well for you, then the recent iOS 13 feature ensures that iPhone users will never be in a position of receiving an untrustworthy call. However, it was almost impossible to block a person who hides the caller ID, but it has now become possible to set up an iPhone even when it doesn’t ring.

If you’re in an emergency or encounter an exceptional circumstance that justifies your act of blocking the user, then they might not be using the new-fangled feature. You’ll be in a position of surpassing the call block.

The Verdict

It feels terrible to be blocked, but the best part lies in respecting the other person’s wishes and moving ahead with much peace. These ways are sure to let you dwell in tranquillity and let your confusion go astray and embark upon pitching the clients that are sure to turn an asset for you.

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