How to Browse Safe in a World Full of Cyber Threats

Surfing the internet privately and securely seems impossible in today’s era because of gradually emerging privacy breaching cases. Whenever you visit any website, you can’t come out of the page without leaving a trail of data behind you. It proves that online space is vulnerable. 

You can’t stop this entirely, but there are a plethora of things to minimize your footprint while secure web browsing. 

As your website is the hassle-free way for malware to creep into your network, this article will elaborate on why secure browsing is essential and how to secure browsing in various browsers. 

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Let’s get started.

Why is secure web browsing vital?

A virus is a software-designed and malicious piece of computer code, damages or even hacks your device’s functional components. That’s why users need top-notch online virus protection and updated tools for a secure browsing experience.

For example, you update your browser. It is the crucial thing you need to consider to get a safe browsing experience, as it allows you to safeguard yourself against malware and other malicious software penetrating your device. 

How to get a secure browsing experience?

  1. Use a VPN 

VPN helps keep your internet traffic safeguarded from snoopers. It allows you to create a personalized tunnel where all your internet traffic passes through a VPN server.

A VPN for secure browsing also lets you hide your traffic from the internet provider, which is great when you live in a country with censorship. As per the statistics, approx 31% of the internet users globally are using a VPN service, where 62% and 39% of users are male and female VPN users, respectively. 

All you need to do is to opt for your trusted VPN provider for secure browsing, and it securely tunnels your data so that the creators don’t process your identity. 

Moreover, get safer browsing protection as a secure browsing app like Guardian Mobile Firewall prevents apps on your device from data tracking and accessing your location. 

  1. Avail of security browser extensions

It has been seen that approx 56% of organizations fully encrypted their internet traffic in 2020, and more than 70% of malware campaigns utilized such encryption. The privacy and security extensions help safeguard your online protection.

These range from impeding access to known harmful websites to enabling HTTPS to occlude IP addresses and cookies. Also, it has been observed that 99% of websites on Google utilize HTTPS, and 99% of secure browsing is done on Google Chrome.  

  1. Utilize a 64-bit web browser

The 64-bit programs possess superior innate protection against dangerous malware attacks due to addressing space layout randomization or ASLR and being a memory-protection process to shield against buffer-overflow attacks by arbitrating the memory location where the system shell is incorporated into the memory. 

The browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge now default to this secured 64-bit version. So, if you want to know the version number of your web browser, visit the menu and select about or help for secure web browsing, and the 32/64-bit will be demonstrated.  


Today, attachment-based attacks have just a 19% share in cyberattacks, implying 81% of intrusions happen through links and social engineering. It won’t be an overstatement to say that even those HTTPS URLs are not safe. There was approx a 167% rise in HTTPS websites hosting spiteful content between 2018 and 2019. Moreover, on average, six times per year, a phishing site is clicked by mobile users despite the SSL-enabled and HTTPS encryption. 

The above details must have given you good insights into how scary the digital world can turn. Hopefully, this article lets you know the top 3 tips of secure browsing in this world of safety and privacy breaching and surfing the internet securely.

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