Best Apps To Make a Video Collage From Your Apple Device

With the increasing popularity of videos, these days, most of us record videos of every significant personal or professional event. These lead to a situation wherein you have multiple videos of an event, making it a Herculean task to pick the best. With the attention span of the average individual lessening by the day, spamming with multiple videos of the same event will lead to lesser views.

An easy way out of this deadlock is to use a video collage maker tool to create video collages that capture the important moments off multiple clips and convey the message in a single video. If you own an Apple device, you do not need to worry about creating efficient video collages.

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 apps that you can use on your iPad or iPhone to come up with mesmerizing video collages.

1. InVideo

One of the most versatile among the free collage apps, the InVideo tool allows you to pick from more than 64 layouts. You can then edit the layout to have the texture, color, and frame for the video. While combining, you have the luxury of cropping, shifting, and altering the size of the moving images.

In addition to creating video collages, you can also use this tool to come up with photo collages. While the basic volume adjustment and audio editing can be made from the free version of the app. The tool has been in place for quite some time now and is compatible with all OS versions.

2. VidStitch Frames for Instagram

VidStitch was developed for iPhones and works best on videos captured on an iPhone or an iPad. For people with no prior experience in editing, this provides one of the simplest ways of creating a video collage. Here, you begin by importing your video, choosing one of the pre-designed frames, arranging the clips in the frame, and then deciding where to post the video collage.

Compatible with iOS 9.0 and above, the free version of the tool comes with a watermark and does not have the provision of adding music to the footage. With the host of frames, borders, and other features that the paid version unlocks, it is worth the monetary investment involved.

3. PhotoVideo Collage 

For those keen on importing music from their iTunes collection into a video collage, the PhotoVideo app is undoubtedly the best choice. This is one of the pioneer iOS video collage apps and works with devices as old as iOS 9.2. Here, the collection of textures, curved edges, and frames is diverse, and you can experiment with the filters.

If you are keen on using the tool for personal purposes, simply trying fade-in or fade-out effects, or adjusting the audio volume of your video with the basic free version will suffice. However, if you want to use the collage tool with a professional touch, you may want to unlock the pro features by paying $1.99.

4. PicStitch

If you are looking for a simple-to-use video collage tool and do not need playback speed adjustment, transition, or other advanced features, then the PicStich is the perfect choice for you. Here, you have more than 300 layouts to choose from, and you can easily combine a series of photographs into a video.

The fact that you can add a song of your choice to the video ensures that the video is a delight to watch. One of the best features of this video collage tool is the fact that you can directly post your video collages to Dropbox or social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

PicStich is essentially a free app that is compatible with iOS 10.0 and higher. The app comes with tonnes of advanced features that can be unlocked with in-app purchases. For example, you can purchase the Frames and Borders pack if you are keen on improving the aesthetic appeal of your video collages.

5. PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor

Another versatile app, the PicPlayPost allows one to capture videos in Full HD and is an ideal choice for people looking for creative freedom. On iPhone XS and iPad Pro, this app provides the option of capturing videos in 4K as well. 

You have the option of recording voice overs and creating your soundtrack. Adding layers of texts, toying with transitions and special effects are some of the specialties of this tool. As this is a relatively new app with the latest features, this is only available in iOS10.3 and higher.

6. PhotoGrid – Pic Collage Maker

If you are short on time and need to create a video collage in a matter of minutes, then the PhotoGrid is a perfect choice. This tool comes with a host of stickers, filters, and merge options. Moreover, you can combine multiple videos within a single frame, making it easier for you to work on larger projects.

With more than 400 backgrounds, you will find something to your taste in this app. PhotoGrid is one of the few tools that allows one to add up to 15 different video footage in a single clip. This makes it an ideal app for situations where you need to create a short video collage of a mega event. PhotoGrid is compatible with all iOS 10.0 (and higher) devices but works best on iPhones. 

The free version of the app has a wide range of features and you can create high-quality videos without having to make in-app purchases.


Thus, you see that there are several iOS tools for you to choose from when it comes to video collage making. Based on the Apple device that you are using and the time that you can afford to spare, choose an app from the above list and usher in an era of high-quality video collages.

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