Nike+ FuelBand SE Review After 3 Months

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It’s been 3 months since I’ve been using the Nike’s FuelBand SE, which I bought in Las Vegas’s Nike store back in December.

This is the first wearable I’ve owned, I love it very much. I use it everyday, wherever I go, it’s always with me. Since I got it, I haven’t used my watches.


The FuelBand SE is an activity tracker device where you wear around wrist like a bracelet, it displays time, your steps, NikeFuel, it’s something like how many calories/energies you burned, but combining all activities throughout the day as fuel which makes working out like a game and fun (You can display how many calories burned separetely in setting), it can also track your sleep and wirelessly sync with your iPhone or computer via Bluetooth 4.0, you can check your detail information of activities and datas, sharing it with your friends on its app, Nike+ Fuel. If you are a social person and looking for a fun way to keep in fit, then the FuelBand SE is for you. It definitely helps me in fit.

Using the FuelBand for 3 months, I have realized how good its battery life is unlike my iPhone which I have to charge more than once a day. When I bought the FuelBand, I asked a staff at the Nike store how long it lasts, he told me it basically lasts the whole week, I was amazed, at the same time I was also skeptical about its performance but oh well, it was true!

I like how I have to charge only once a week, and full charge using USB ends in only about 3o minutes and last for the whole week basically, which is really awesome. Surely, it depends on how you use, but for normal use like me, it lasts almost a week.


Also, the FuelBand SE is water-resistant, however it’s not fully water-resistant, so you can’t swim with it, showers are no problem. I’m only talking about good things about it so far but there is not only good things. For me now, one of the biggest downside is that it doesn’t track for gym activities very well, especially where you don’t use your foot that much. You actually burn more NikeFuels by just walking than doing like pushing ups, workouts that don’t use foot that much. This is a really big downside for me since I don’t go outside and run. I mostly do home-workout so I don’t get much fuel by them, I hope Nike would do something with it and make it better.


A lazy guy is here.

Overall, the Nike+ FuelBand is one of the best and known wearable in the market, and its comfortable design, white LED display and long battery life are what I love the most about this device. If you are looking for a wearable that suits you for design and feature, the FuelBand SE could be yours.





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