Gadgetverge Audio Wireless Headphones Unboxing, Quick Review: Affordable Wireless Solution for Everyone

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Let’s unbox the Gadgetverge Audio!

In an age where most phone brands have been ditching the headphone jack, our audio options are now limited to 1) Using the USB-C port for dedicated USB-C headphones or via a dongle, and 2) Going for the wireless approach. For practicality purposes, most users would prefer the latter, as it frees them of unnecessary wires while they get to enjoy their music.

There are a number of brands to choose from these days, and Gadgetverge wants to join the fray with their wireless audio offering. Recently, Widget City (the distributor of Gadgetverge products) sent the Gadgetverge Audio Wireless Headphones to HQ.

The packaging is very much similar to the Gadgetverge Xtreme Bluetooth speakerwe reviewed a few weeks ago. In this case, you have a flip cover to reveal the wireless headphones behind the translucent packaging.

Initial impressions: Well-featured with a sleek design

Considering that it is priced at Php 899, the Gadgetverge Audio comes with a complete set of accessories out of the box. Aside from the wireless headphones itself, you have a carrying pouch, two extra pairs of silicone tips, two extra pairs of ear clips, a micro USB cable, and a user guide.

What’s nice about these wireless headphones is that they have a magnetic clip behind those 10mm speaker drivers that attach together when not in use. It is a much-needed feature to keep the wireless headphones organized and tangle-free when storing it. Being geared for sports, the Gadgetverge Audio is sweatproof and rainproof, though there is no mention of its IP rating.

At the other end of the Gagdetverge Audio is a lock that you can adjust so that the wireless headphones will fit you comfortably.

The lone controller here houses an LED indicator light, power/play button, and volume/music controls. The battery on the Gadgetverge Audio claims to last for five hours, but we will give it a test if its claims are true. The Bluetooth module on the Gadgetverge Audio is Bluetooth 4.2 in case you might ask.

Behind the controller is a flap housing the MicroUSB port. Charging times for the Gadgetverge Audio is around a little under two hours.

That’s it for our unboxing and quick review. We will be using these wireless headphones as our daily driver with our smartphones to see if this Php 899 pair is worth your money.




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