Gadgetverge Audio Wireless Earphones Review: Audio Upgrade for the Budget-Conscious

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Can these sub-Php 1K/$19 earphones get the job done?

As the headphone jack is ditched by phone brands one by one, the more practical option to a headphone jack-less future is wireless earphones. People may be thrown off at the idea as they are most of the more expensive than wired earphones.

However, brands like Gadgetverge like to prove that one does not need to spend much for a good pair of wireless earphones. In fact, their wireless offering retails for Php 899/$17, making it one of the most affordable ones out there. Is it a worthy buy?

What is it?

It is a wireless Bluetooth earphone from Gadgetverge, a brand who is making their mark in creating affordable audio products. Priced at Php 899/$17, the brand wants to make wireless earphones affordable to the public.

How’s the fit?

Pretty good if you ask us. Aside from the silicone ear tips, the Gadgetverge Audio comes with several sets of ear clips for the best fit. In addition, there’s also an adjustable strap so that it fits well around your neck, and magnetic clips to securely place the Gadgetverge Audio around your neck when not in use.

Aside from the flexible fitting, the Gadgdetverge Audio is sweatproof, making them a good choice for those to listen to music while jogging or while working out.

Does it deliver good sound quality?

Yes and no. The overall sound of the Gadgetvege Audio really depends on the type of music you listen to. If you are more into electronic or bass-heavy hip-hop music, the Gadgetverge Audio’s lows do well.

Listen to acoustic or alternative music, and it’s a different story: the Gadgetverge Audio struggles in delivering those mids and highs with clarity. As for rock music, it’s more of a hit-or-miss affair in delivering those guitar riffs or those details from the snare and kick drums.

Can it last me a workout sesh?

It depends on your listening volume. On our tests, the Gadgetverge Audio’s battery life ranges from 3 hours (at maximum volume) to 5 hours (at 50% volume). It’s below the average life of wireless earphones, but at its price, it’s hard to complain.

Charging is done via a MicroUSB port hidden behind a flap. On our tests, it takes around an hour to fully charge the Gadgetverge Audio using a conventional charger.




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