Wharfedale DS-2 Review

Pros Detailed, refined and articulate performance Great stereo imaging and separation Easy-to-accommodate design Well priced Cons Not the most commanding sound At top volume, they

Wharfedale DX-2 Review

Pros  Big, expansive sound  Compact, flexible design  Great build quality  Superb value for money Cons  Sub isn’t the most subtle or detailed  Can sound a

Wharfedale Diamond A1 Review

Pros Superb scale and decent detail Classy looks and build Great value Cons Too many cables and plugs Key Features Review Price: £599.95/$780 130mm mid-bass

AUDIOENGINE HDP6 Review : Give it the wood

The bookshelf speaker market is hugely competitive, with hundreds of companies putting out everything from tiny wireless wonders to huge monoliths that shade the line

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 review

Wharfedale has taken the most advanced features found in the previous generations of its Diamond speakers and put them in a single package – drive units,

Triangle Elara LN01A review

Putting power in the hands of people can cause chaos, but thankfully, empowering speakers generally has the opposite effect. With built-in amplification, powered speakers eliminate

Wharfedale Diamond A2 review

Not many floorstanders can claim to stand on their own two feet (well, in this case four) quite as independently as the Wharfedale Diamond A2

Wharfedale Diamond Active A1 review

Many things require solid foundations to function – houses, marriages and cheesecakes to name but three. With many of its recent speakers inspired by the

Steljes Audio ML-30HD Integrated Amplifier Review

Pros Sweet and refined sound Solid build Useful features Cons Limited bass Sounds better at higher volumes Valve a little bit of a gimmick What

Mission LX-2 review

Want a list of the best speakers below £200/$300? For most of this year it would have been a shortlist comprising just a single name,

Dali Opticon 2 review

Unlike the jobsworth accountant, Dali speakers tend to make having fun their number one priority, as many an hour spent tapping our feet to 1970s

Wharfedale Reva-2 review

Verdict Clinically precise and detailed speakers, but not quite all-rounders For Precise and organised Focused, expressive midrange Work well against a wall Well-integrated sound Beautiful

Luxman C-700u/M-700u review

Founded back in 1925 when radio broadcasting first started in Japan, Luxman is one of the oldest hi-fi brands around. Since then it has become

Wharfedale DX-1SE review

PROS Compact design and robust cabinets Powerful, room-filling sound Crisp, precise detail and good composure Plasticky grilles CONS Bass could be slightly tighter Screws on

Edifier R1700BT review

Verdict A lively and likable pair of speakers that fall just short of ideal For Lovely midrange Warm, smooth, enthusiastic sound Engaging and easy to

Wharfedale Vista 100 review

Pros Touch-sensitive controls and front panel display Weighty, detailed and composed sound Attractive, compact design Cons Bass could be bigger and punchier No HDMI inputs

Denon DHT-S514 review

Pros Big weighty sound adds drama and scale Solid construction Good connections and features Cons Dialogue could be clearer Some rivals offer a smoother, subtler

Toshiba Mini 3D Sound Bar II review

Pros Compact design takes up minimal space Surprisingly large soundstage Easy to set up and use Good range of features and connections Cons Lacks the

Humax STA1200BSW review

Pros Amazingly slim design Soundbar build quality Loud and energetic sound Cons Overpowering bass and underwhelming detail Flimsy shelf stand Untidy cable arrangement Key Features:

Toshiba SB3950E1 review

Pros Smart, minimal design Easy to set up and use Decent dialogue clarity Cons Lacks bass depth Hard edge to loud effects Light on features

KEF E305 review

Pros Immersive soundstage, clear detail and seamlessly integrated bass Innovative pivot stand Excellent build quality Cons Lacks drive and dynamism of rivals Key Features: Compact

LG NB4540 review

Pros Stunning design Crisp, detailed sound and hard-hitting bass Generous features and connections Cons High frequencies sound bright at loud volumes Relatively expensive Key Features:

Panasonic SC-HTB480 review

Pros Discreet Delta Form design Robust build quality Sounds loud and bassy Cons Hard, brash sound Sockets tricky to access Upward-facing LED display Key Features:

Goodmans Aspect review

Pros Versatile installation Stylish design Attractive price Cons Struggles for bass and volume No front display Hard tone with music Key Features: Vertical and horizontal

Wharfedale Diamond 220 HCP review

Pros Remarkable detail and texture Huge room-filling sound with seamlessly integrated bass Stylish lacquered finish and improved build Cons Conventional boxy shape Key Features: 5.1

Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema Pack review

Pros Detailed, powerful and transparent sound Outstanding build quality for the money Chic curvy cabinets Cons Lacquer/leather finishes add a hefty premium Subwoofer might not

Wharfedale DS-1 review

Our Verdict Petite desktop speakers that sound fantastic for the money For (+) Lots of detailAgile, musical and enjoyable Compact size and excellent finish Smart