Mission LX-2 review

Want a list of the best speakers below £200/$300? For most of this year it would have been a shortlist comprising just a single name, the Q Acoustics 3020.

Nothing we’ve heard has come close to knocking these talented speakers off their perch, until now that is.

Yes, Mission’s LX-2s are good enough to give the Qs a fat lip, and we admit it, that’s something of a surprise.

A decade or so ago it wouldn’t have been. At the time Mission dominated our group tests and awards, particularly at the more affordable end of the market.

But in our view, the brand hasn’t delivered over recent years, turning out decent but hardly class-leading boxes. We think the LX-2s buck that trend.

These are a product of a rethink at IAG – Mission’s parent company. IAG also owns speaker brands Wharfedale, Quad and Castle (remember that?), and it’s been clear for a while that Mission hasn’t thrived in such an environment.

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