Wharfedale Diamond A2 review

Not many floorstanders can claim to stand on their own two feet (well, in this case four) quite as independently as the Wharfedale Diamond A2 speakers.

With built-in amplification, these powered speakers could be considered as a just-add-a-source hi-fi system – a compact and practical substitute for the multiple boxes and racks that make up a room-hogging set-up of separates.

Only an ashtray-sized control hub, the H1, stands in the way of total autonomy. It’s what your sources connect to, via the hub’s coaxial, optical or RCA inputs, or aptX Bluetooth.

The H1 then wirelessly sends the music signal to the speakers solely over the 5.8GHz frequency band – avoiding the often-crowded 2.4GHz frequency for supposedly less interference.

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