Massachusetts grills Uber and Lyft over disability access

Ridesharing outfits make some effort to accommodate disabled passengers, but Massachusetts isn’t sure that they go far enough. Reuters has learned that the state’s Attorney

Clinton, Uber and the political impact of the ‘gig economy’

On Monday afternoon, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech laying out her economic vision. In it, she states that “many Americans are making extra

Uber ‘reviews’ its own app to justify London surge pricing

Uber often defends its “surge” price increases by explaining capitalism, but it took a new tack after a controversial surge in London. The city was

Uber’s latest service takes you across continents in a speed boat

Never mind using ridesharing services to get across cities — Uber wants to take you across continents. The company has launched a permanent version of

Uber says no guns in cars, period

Drivers and passengers can no longer carry guns on Uber rides, even if they have a legal permit. Uber previously allowed partners to drive with