Yesteryear’s practical design gets a modern transformation as Whitehaven turns the humble Lobster Boat in it into a sophisticated cruiser

The original incarnation of this style of boat was for hauling lobster traps onboard — the twin-engined IPS version was made to haul arse and wash lobster rolls down with a glass of bubbles from the cockpit. It was built to handle the challenging north Atlantic seas, and much like the original sports cars of yesteryear, it was constructed with handling capabilities in mind. Being kitted out for luxury and comfort weren’t boxes that required ticking on the build spec.

Sports cars went through a transformation, deviating from the single-minded focus that saw the emergence of slightly more substantial and infinitely more comfortable versions. These sports cars, made for covering greater distances in much greater comfort, garnered the Grand Tourer appellation, or ‘GT’ for short. 

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