Jeanneau 50 DS Review

Jeanneau Features:

Roomy saloon, cabins and bathrooms, as well as dedicated storage space.  Big comfy navigation station, large galley and dining area. A full-depth lazarette for sails or whatever you like. Good sailing performance and good ventilation.

“Jeanneau sans frontieres

Back in 2003, the management of the French boat building company Jeanneau took a deep breath and plunged into unknown waters.  Long-time company policy had been to steer a conservative design and styling course while their fellow europeans hurtled forward into the avant-garde.

But Jeanneau took the plunge and were duly rewarded; the first of the ‘teardrop’ deck saloon yachts, the 54 DS (Deck Saloon), was such a success it took even Jeanneau by surprise.

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