Bayliner 300 Boat Review

Look back 30 years and there were basically only three categories of family/lifestyle boating in this country ? yachting/cruising, waterskiing and fishing. Some families took their yachts out for a cruise. Dads took the kids down to the local river for a fish, when they weren’t out fishing with the mates; the relatively small, yet close-knit, waterski community certainly got their kids involved. I know this is a broad assessment of the Aussie boating lifestyle back then and there are always exceptions, but…

Sure the local market put out some very basic half cabins, which they tried to sell as family boats and tinnies were definitely the flavour of the month, but the whole family boating idea never really achieved critical mass. That was until almost 20 years ago to the day, when a new player reached Aussie shores ? American-built Bayliner boats (read Avante Marine, the Aussie Importers here in Sydney).

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