Zeblaze Thor 4 Review: The First 4G Enable Smartwatch

Zeblaze is a company of new tech designer wearable gadgets. The primary focus of this company is to bring new and well-designed devices with high technology in its newest way to the market. Zeblaze has recently launched its new Android smartwatch adding another spectacular addition to its remarkable Thor series. The name of this smartwatch is Zeblaze Thor 4.

After the success of Zeblaze Thor Pro, the Zeblaze Thor 4 is looking exceptionally well in this current scenario of the market where everything in respect to technological advancements is touching highs of records. Well in the looks the Zeblaze Thor 4 is nothing much different from the Zeblaze Thor Pro, except for the disappearance of two buttons on the right side and new frame design. Zeblaze has this designed first 4G Enabled smartwatch, Zeblaze Thor 4, which is all set to cover the whole market.

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