Xiaomi Mi Band 3 features, Price And Every Thing You Want to Know

The Mi Band series is one of the most efficient and cheapest fitness bands out there. Even with a very low price tag, the Mi Band offers a very good value for its money with a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and even tracking for steps taken.

There are already two generations of the Mi Band available out there. The very first Mi Band and its successor, the Mi Band 2.  Earlier this year it was confirmed that we will be seeing an update to the Mi Band series very soon, with the launch of Mi Band 3.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Recently during the launch of the Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smartphone, we saw Xiaomi CEO Mr. Lei Jun wearing a band that looks like a fitness band and is definitely not the Mi Band 2. It is expected that the fitness band that the Xiaomi CEO was wearing is indeed the Mi Band 3.

If you are excited about the Mi Band 3 and is waiting for the product to get launched, this is not the only time we have seen news about the Mi Band 3 recently. Today we bring you a detailed article on what we know about the Mi Band 3 so far and what all to expect from the 3rd generation Mi Band fitness tracker.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Features

Thanks to the Bluetooth Certification listing from back in February, we know that the Mi Band 3 will use Bluetooth 4.2LE (Low Energy) for connectivity. The XMSH05HM model number of the Mi Band 3 was also listed in the certification and the Mi Band 3 commercial naming was also confirmed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Also, recently screenshots from within the Mi-Fit app appeared online which showcased a new device listing on the app, which was again not the Mi Band or the Mi Band 2, so is expected to be the Mi Band 3.

The Mi Band 3 listing on the Mi-Fit all also suggested that the screen will be interactive, meaning that the Mi Band 3 will feature a touchscreen. In comparison, the first generation Mi Band did not have a display at all and the Mi Band 2 featured a small display enough to show details like the steps taken, time, and heart rate.

Untitled-9-3 [HOT]: Xiaomi Mi Band 3 đạt chứng nhận Bluetooth, sẵn sàng tiến ra thị trường

same Band 2

Even though the Mi Band 3 is expected to feature an overall form factor very much similar to the Mi Band 2, we do expect a bit bigger display. Even in the images from the Black Shark launch, the fitness band on the CEO’s wrist has a display that is bigger and wrapped around the tracker, instead of going inside the silicon strap.

Mi Band 3 Launch

There has been no official confirmation on when the Mi Band 3 will be announced. However, as the Mi Band 3 has been clearing certifications recently, we might see the Mi Band 3 launch happening quite soon.

Mi Band 3 Pricing

The selling point of the Mi Band 3 is that it is a cheap fitness band that offers almost every fitness data that the other expensive fitness trackers offer. As the Mi Band 3 will mostly have all the same features as the outgoing Mi Band 2, Xiaomi will surely choose to keep the Mi Band 3 price very much similar to the Mi Band 2 and below the $60 price mark.

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