XCOM 2 announced, puts humans on the offensive

It’s 20 years into the future, and humanity has lost. The alien invasion that we’ve tried so hard to prevent has taken place and now mankind is no longer the ruling species. All that stands in the way of total domination is a rag tag team of freedom fighters with limited resources and always on the move. That’s the even darker scenario that is being painted in XCOM 2, Firaxis’ sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown title, the award winning sci-fi game that blends strategy, tactics, X-Files, and and a whole lot of alien goo.

The original XCOM, then spelled as X-COM, was launched way back in 1994 and gained a cult following for its mix of science fiction themes and genre-bending gameplay. In particular, the game switches between turn-based strategy combat and tactical planning. In all its incarnations, the goal has been the same: save the Earth from alien invasion.

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