‘World Of Warcraft’ Sixth Expansion Announced, ‘Legion’ Has Too Many Goodies To Miss Out On

“World Of Warcraft” has a sixth expansion as announced by Blizzard Entertainment.

A “World Of Warcraft: Legion” Expansion trailer was released on the WOW Official Youtube Channel. It opened in a very cinematic manner with a battle scene ensuing, and a voice over building up the suspense for viewers.

The video then continued on to show the new continent “The Broken Isles,” where the sixth expansion of “World Of Warcraft” takes place. The map of “The Broken Isles” shows the different places such as High Mountain, Stormheim, Suramar, Val’Sharah, Azsuna, and The Broken Shore.


There are new dungeons and raids for players to explore and conquer, class order halls and a completely new player–versus-player honor system.

New and powerful artifact weapons that can be equipped and customized differently were introduced. While there are sure to be more weapons available once the expansion has been released, the video already revealed Ashbringer and Doomhammer. These weapons aren’t new in the WOW universe as they have long histories in the game.

According to Polygon, Blizzard noted that there would be 36 artifacts all in all with one weapon for each class specialization.

Another feature is where the level cap raised to level 110 from the original level cap of level 100.

The newest feature that fans can look forward to is the new hero class called “Demon Hunter.” Those in this class will start at a high level with their regular abilities, however they will have the ability to morph into a demonic figure similar to the enemies they are hunting.

Gamespot reported that a released date for the “World Of Warcraft: Legion” expansion has not yet been announced by Blizzard, but more information about it is available on the WOW website.

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