Withings Go review: Hands-on with the cheap e-ink activity tracker

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Wearables are big, not literally, at CES 2016 and Withings has launched its cheapest activity tracker yet. Here’s our Withings Go hands-on review.


At just £49/$74, the Withings Go is seriously affordable and it’s not just the price that’s small here. The Go is a tiny little activity tracker featuring a round e-ink screen.

We like the cute and fun design which is available in five different colours: black, blue, green, red, yellow. It can be worn in different ways including as a watch, clipped where you choose, or just hidden away in apocket.

Withings Go clip


The e-ink screen is the main feature here and although it’s always on, the low power draw needed means the device will last up to 8 months before you need to change the battery.

Withings has created the device as a cheap alternative to its more luxurious devices like the Withings Activité. However, you can still get an update on how you’re doing with a quick glance via the 88 graphic sections of the screen. The greater number of segments that are filled, the closer you are to your goal and the middle of the screen displays a reward icon.

The e-ink screen is easily visible in a range of lighting conditions, just like a Kindle eReader, or even in water (although we haven’t tested that out). You can also touch the screen to check the time via an analogue watch face.

Tracking-wise, the Go can automatically track walking and running informing you of distance, step, duration and calories burnt during a session. The Withings Go is also waterproof (5 ATM) and can track swimming. If you’re happy to wear it in bed then you can also monitor your sleep as the Go can detect light or deep sleep based on your movement.

Tithings Go watch

It’s a simple but effective concept and out only niggle is not being able to get the full range of data via the device itself. Instead, you’ll need to use the Health Mate app which we’ve enjoyed using with the Activité.



Although you don’t get all the possible data via the Withings Go itself. We like this tiny and colourful activity tracker with its e-ink screen, long battery life and extremely affordable price point.




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