Why Under Armour killed HealthBox

Under Armour: ‘Why we walked away from HealthBox wearables’ – CTO Paul Fipps speaks to Wareable about discontinuing the HealthBox suite

Back in mid-October, I requested an interview with Under Armour. I was keen to delve into the future of the HealthBox suite, the intriguing, interlinked trio of fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and connected scale that launched in 2015. How was that seamless, all-in-one approach going? And would there be a second generation or additional products we could look forward to in the near future?

For a reason that eluded me at the time, the firm wanted to wait until after its quarterly earnings call before committing to a chat. What have earnings got to do with it, I thought?

Then it became clear. During that earnings call, Under Armour revealed it was dropping HealthBox.

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