Waverly Labs Pilot review : A language translation hearable that shows great promise on first flight

Waverly Labs’ aim was to break down language barriers, and to some extent the Pilot earbuds do that in a more intuitive way to some rivals. The technology itself is still in the early stages, and Waverly’s own translation engine will grow stronger the more people use it, but there’s no doubt this is a solid first step on the longer journey to more fluid language translation. Things are a little rough around the edges here, but ample sound support and a strong design help this become a well rounded hearable. We look forward to seeing where Waverly Labs takes things in its second go-around.

If you thought the wireless earbud space began and ended with Apple’s AirPods, think again. With better smarts and often more appealing designs, alternatives from startups are truly on the rise, Waverly Labs’ Pilot earbuds being a prime example.

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