WaterStrider Allows The DJI Phantom 3 To Land And Takeoff On Water

If you fly drones, then you know the deal: you need to avoid landing on bodies of water at all costs. Unless you’re flying a specialty amphibious drone, doing so will leave you with nothing but thousands of dollars in fried electronics. And while you can fortify your drone by adding DIY floaters on their feet, we have a feeling just using the WaterStrider will go a lot more smoothly.


Made by DroneRafts, it’s a set of legs and pods that attach to a drone’s feet, allowing it to stay afloat when landing on water without getting the camera soaked. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to make emergency landings while flying over a lake – with these pods installed, your drone can safely land on lakes, streams, and other bodies of water.


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