TY Hi-Z HP-32 first impressions, $25 IEM shootout


Now I know, some of you have looked at the picture and the product that I’m doing impressions for this week and have gone: “that’s not an IEM, that’s an earbud!” I regret to inform you that there is a substantial proportion of the population that thinks that any in ear speaker is an earbud, whether it goes in your canal or just in your ear. So I decided that I’d include some earbuds, mostly because when this kicked off, I already had the VE Monk with EX pack on hand, and the Penon Earbud. After this got started, Penon Audio sent me the TY Hi-Z HP-32, which at $7.98 is the least expensive entry. The VE Monk can be had for less, but not as it will be configured for this shootout.

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