Tribit XFree Tune Wireless Headset review: All that sound for a great price!

Even though I gave points off on the bass for sound quality, I still enjoyed the sound this headset pushed out overall given the price.

When I first saw the Tribit XFree Tune wireless over the ear headphones, it was at CES and Justin and I got to listen to them and see how they sounded. At that time, they were pretty good. Decent bass, great mids, not bad treble. At that time, thought, they did need a bit work on the bass side. Like I said, it was decent. A few months later and the headphones seem to have been adjusted from the last time I tried them. Not just the bass, but overall the entire headset such as sound in general and foldable design. Let’s see how the Tribit XFree Tune wireless headphones perform by reading my review below.

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