Top 10 Best Hoverboards In 2016 Reviews

Hoverboards are innovative personal transportation equipment that are also perfect for recreational riding in homes and social environments such as parks. These light and portable accessories are durable, have well-engineered systems that ride fast and smooth, and have innovative self-balancing systems that improve the safety and stability of riders whilst in use. For those that commute every day to work or school and are tired of riding buses and or using tiring self-propelled transporters such as skateboards and longboards, hoverboards are vital automated accessories that often come to the rescue. All you have to do is research well, compare all the available products, and choose a model that offers the foregoing and other benefits.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboard

With the variety of hoverboards available on the market and the rising concern of the poorly made aftermarket models that are attainable cheap in stores, choosing the best remains an arduous task that most riders do not know how to overcome. If you are shopping for a new model for everyday use and facing this challenge, keep the following attributes in mind to find the best: even though pricing is an essential attribute that predicts the type of hoverboard that you can own, pay keen attention to the value of product that you are getting, instead of relying solely on price. The board should be stable, durable, and able to support your weight. Wheels should be durable and smooth rolling, and its finishing professional-grade and able to resist dents, scratches, and accelerated damage in general. Safety is another vital attribute to consider. As much as hoverboards are recreational and fun to ride, the risk of falling and electrical faults is always rife, even though commonly ignored. Never make the same mistake when shopping for a new model. Look for a self-stabilizing model that stays functional in all environments. Electrical systems should be well engineered, and its battery pack and other electrical and mechanical components safety-certified. Even though most models meet this threshold, the 10 best include:

10. 2 Wheel Smart eBalance Board

2 Wheel Smart eBalance Board

Do you appreciate the numerous benefits of owning a hoverboard for personal of recreational use? Are you shopping for a new model that works well indoors and outdoors? eBalance by 2 Wheel Smart is an innovative hoverboard that remains sought-after since its release months ago for several reasons. Its wide board design for instance is super-stable, has a striking red and black theme that does not fade over time, and has a well-finished and rubberized surface that improves traction between your feet and the board for optimal stability. The built-in LED lights that it comes with improve visibility at night. The Bluetooth speaker system on offer connects to and streams music from all Bluetooth-enabled devices (smart phones and Mp3 players, for instance), while its ability to support between 20 kilograms and 100 kilograms benefits both children, teens, and adults. Apart from its stable and wide board design, 2 Wheel Smart eBalance Board has grown in popularity for its large and smooth-rolling 8-inch wheels, sensor-controlled self-balancing system, and the rechargeable safety-certified Samsung battery pack that it comes with. With an original model, therefore, you will be able to ride at speed of between 10 and 20 Km/h without worrying about its motors overheating or its battery pack exploding.

9. The Original Monster M3-RDBK

The Original Monster M3-RDBK

Featuring an intelligent self-balancing system, The Original Monster Wheel is a stable and safety-certified hoverboard scooter that is both safe and fun to ride. It has a striking red theme that does not fade over time, a light and portable design, and has a stable drifting board with rubberized black pads that not only boost the rider’s stability, but also ease mounting and steering. All you have to shift your weight forwards or backwards to accelerate or reverse and or vary the pressure on one of the pads to turn left or right. The ABS polymer plastic used to manufacture this board’s platform is durable. The steel wheels on offer have rubberized tires that boost traction. They also have independent motors that support zero turning, and draw power from a rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack that comes tested and certified safe for everyday usage in all environments. At full capacity, The Original Monster M3-RDBK Wheel cruises at speeds of up to 6.2 miles per hour over a 12-mile radius. Its built-in smart LED lights work well, while its affordability and high 30-degree climbing capability rank it among the best products in this category.

8. DEKOTA Electric Unicycle + Self-balancing Scooter

DEKOTA Electric Unicycle + Self-balancing Scooter

A trusted product globally, DEKOTA is a self-balancing unicycle scooter that weighs a paltry 13.5 kilograms. It is stable, supports and impressive 120 kilograms, and has a powerful safety-certified battery pack with an impressive range of around 25 kilometers (depending on rider weight and terrain). Even though cheap and ranked among the smallest accessories in this niche, this hoverboard is powerful. Its green electrical system does not pollute the environment, while its low profile design is not only easy to master, but also rides smooth on all terrain. You get a custom UL-certified charger and a limited manufacturer’s warrant for an original.

7. IO HAWK the Original

IO HAWK the Original

Best known for the quality skating video game it has curated over the years, IO HAWK is also a dominant brand in the hoverboards niche with The Original model categorized among the best. This back themed 22-pound accessory is portable, fun to ride, and has an ergonomic 9.4-inch by 9.6-inch by 25.2-inch design that is not only stable, but also withstands everyday abuse when in use. Its poly plastic board is nice, solid, and built to support up to 100 kilograms. It has rubberized foot grips for optimal support; has a well-engineered electrical system that draws power from a rechargeable safety-certified battery pack; and has compact solid steel wheels that not only absorb impact well, but also dampen vibrations to keep the ride smooth and interesting. IO HAWK The Original has a slightly higher learning curve than comparable standard models, it is durable, rides faster and stably, and had a well-engineered system that transitions smoothly from carpets to hardwood flooring.

6. Sharper Image-Sogo

Sharper Image-Sogo

A sought-after product in stores, Sharper Image-Sogo is a white themed dual wheel personal transporter scooter that retails for a few dollars in stores. Even though cheap, this does not mean that you sacrifice quality for price. Its platform is large, durable, and made of a high-density ABS polymer plastic that does not scratch easily nor lose its structural or aesthetic appeal over time. It has a rubberized coating for optimal stability. It also has mounted LED lights that boost visibility at night, built in gyros and sensors that boost stability and safety, and two stable steel wheels (6.5 inches) with axles that support colossal weight. You also get a high capacity 700-watt 36V, 4.4A Samsung lithium battery pack that only takes three hours to charge, electrical motors, and an impressive top speed of up to 7.2 mph.

5. Razor Hovertrax

Razor Hovertrax

If you are scooting enthusiast and looking to enjoy an entertaining hoverboard-like ride to work, school, and or your local park, Razor Hovertrax is a valuable scooter hoverboard that never disappoints. It is durable, red-themed, and has a stable gyro-stabilized drifting board that is not only durable, but also has an impressive weight capacity of up to 220 pounds. Because of its low profile design, Razor Hovertrax is easy to mount and ride. Its large wheels ride smoothly on both rugged and smooth terrain. Its silent dual-hub motors support zero turning on all terrain, while its ability to ride at top speeds of up to 6 mph for up to 115 minutes makes it an ideal every day accessory for commuting and or recreational riding. Other desirable attributes are its large anti-slip platform that guarantees seamless steering and maneuvering, safety-certified rechargeable battery pack, and manufacturer’s warranty offered.

4. HoverTech Self Balancing Scooter

HoverTech Self Balancing Scooter

Recommended in top 10 best hoverboards in 2016 reviews, HoverTech is an ultra-smart UL-certified self-balancing scooter, designed and manufactured in the USA. It is durable, has a compact mini design that is easy to store and transport, and comes with a plethora of innovative accessories and features that both experienced riders and beginners find invaluable. Its board, for instance, is ergonomic and made of a durable and weather resistant polymer plastic that does not fade over time. The battery that is comes with is also durable, has an incredibly long 11 kilometer range per charge, and has a power efficient safety-certified design that does not explode nor burst into flames during charging as some comparable brands often do. Finally, replacement parts are readily available in stores. The 100% money back guarantee and the one-year manufacturer’s warranty offered for it also attest its high quality.

3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

By choosing Powerboard by HOVERBOARD, you get an aesthetic two-wheeled hoverboard scooter with a dependable gyro and sensor-activated self-balancing system that keeps you stable and safe in all environments. It is affordable, has a powerful electric motor that does not overheat, and has a safety certified battery that delivers consistent power for over 10 kilometers for an enjoyable experience. Out of the box, Powerboard by HOVERBOARD comes fully assembled and ready to ride. Its wheels and board support up to 250 pounds on all terrain, while its ability to cruise at speeds of up to 10Km/h (non-contained) make it a perfect personal commuter for both men and women. You get a one-year warranty for an original.

2. Leray Self Balancing Scooter

Leray Self Balancing Scooter

Recommended for scooting enthusiasts aged 13-years and above, Leray is a safe self-balancing scooter with a stylish and fade proof white theme that does not need a lot of effort to maintain. It is durable, has a stable and gyro-stabilized board, and stable 6.5-inch wheels with two pressure sensitive motors that support zero turning without overheating. It is RoHS, FCC, UN38.3, and CE-certified, comes with a powerful and safety-certified battery that charges it between 60 and 150 minutes, and well-engineered electrical system that drives it at top speed of 10Km/h at 15-degree incline and even at full capacity (220 pounds). Leray Self Balancing Scooter supports angle-free cycling and comes backed by a brand protection warranty.

1. Spaceboard USA Electric Self-Balancing Shooter

Spaceboard USA Electric Self-Balancing Shooter

As its name suggests, Spaceboard USA is a USA-made hoverboard scooter with a stable self-balancing two-wheel system, a built-in Bluetooth speaker system, and a powerful remote control for turning it on and off. It has a large metallic gold board with a rubberized coating that prevents riders from slipping. The board is chip, dent, and water-resistant; has a protective rubberized underside that prevents scratches and scuffs; and has a stable axle and top-of-the-line wheel system that supports a whopping 325 pounds. This is impressive, considering its lightness and the low amount that Spaceboard USA charges for an original model. You also get and advanced 3pc motherboard that works better than most standard 1-2pc models, impressive LED lights, and a carrying case for easy transportation.


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