Thinksound ts03+mic review: Environmentally sound

A consumer-friendly sound with minimal environmental impact

The Thinksound ts03+mic are made from reclaimed walnut-stained housing and aluminum housing. The earbuds’ cable is Kevlar-reinforced and the whole thing is sweat-resistant. Though this sounds great on paper, you may be quick to judge the Thinksound ts03+mic when you pick them up. I know that I was. At first-glance, they look and feel like cheap earbuds, but reading into the Thinksound backstory, that’s clearly not the case. However, for $120 are the ts03+mic fairly-priced or should you look elsewhere?

Who are the Thinksound ts03+mic for?

The ts03+mic are for listeners who want to minimize their environmental impact. With Thinksound, you know that the company went to ridiculous lengths in order to mitigate the carbon footprint of its production process. For the curious, aside from the ear tips and the tin packaging, everything is made in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

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