The future of Fitbit: New sensors, serious health tracking and more

The next few days, it’s fair to say, are going to be a pretty big deal for the hopeful startup-turned-billion-dollar company we all know as Fitbit. 2017 marks 10 years since co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman saw the potential of putting sensors into wearable devices and on 1 October it prepares to break into a new category with the Ionic smartwatch. This is arguably its most important launch to date because it will shape what comes next for Fitbit.

Shelten Yuen leads research and development at Fitbit building the sensors that unlock staple fitness tracking features like sleep monitoring and the ones that will enable Fitbit’s smartwatch to help detect disorders like sleep apnea. Yuen, whose previously worked in missile defence and robotics before joining Park and Friedman says his background does ties in with what he has been working on at Fitbit for the past eight years. “It’s about taking sensory data and making sense of it. That’s still what I do here at Fitbit.” he said.

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