The best wearables for real time coaching

Skip the personal trainer and let these wearables give you that extra edge

We know that fitness trackers and sporty wearables are great at showering us with all kinds of biometric data, but it’s often not all that easy to decipher exactly what those metrics mean when looking at the companion app after a workout. How exactly any of it is going to help you make any improvements?

Best wearables for real time coaching

Slowly but surely, a new breed of wearable is emerging that not only promises to make that data more actionable, but also do it on the spot when you’re lifting the dumbbell or in the middle of sprint training.

Whether you are looking for gaining an extra yard of pace in your running or not sure whether you are getting the most from the home gym sessions, here’s our pick of the wearables that offer useful real time coaching.

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