The best Pebble smartwatch alternatives : A starter list

When the very convincing rumours came out that Fitbit was about to buy Pebble and kill the brand, Fear took over our emotional control panels. Since the confirmation of all the details and what it means for buyers and backers, Sadness and Anger have been squabbling over who gets to press our Feel buttons.

Some Pebble alternatives now it's dead

So is there any potential Joy in finding an alternative to the affordable, simple to use, long-lasting, geek chic smartwatch series?

Simply put, there’s nothing that we’ve seen so far that matches Pebble on every single one of its main plus points. In some ways the list really shows up what Pebble managed to get down. But before you turn away from the whole smartwatch idea in Disgust (sorry not sorry), consider the below Pebble alternatives and please do add your own in the comments.

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