The best Amazon Alexa devices : Our pick of an ever-growing range of connected tech using Alexa Voice Service API

If there was a theme of CES 2017 it was Alexa-enabled smart tech. If Alexa hasn’t invaded your home yet, expect her to do so this year.

And we don’t just mean in an Amazon Echo speaker. Alexa isn’t bound by the walls of an Echo chamber; the Alexa Voice Service API means she’s able to turn up in practically any connected product with a microphone and a speaker.

The best Amazon Alexa devices

We’re not talking about Alexa integrations here – i.e. smart tech that can be controlled using Alexa from another device, such as when you tell your Echo Dot to turn up the temperature of your smart thermostat or dim the brightness on your smart lightbulbs. We’re talking about baked-in Alexa – devices that have the digital assistant built into their very fabric.

There’s already a bunch of them available – here’s our pick of the best Alexa devices you can buy now (or pretty soon, at least)…

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