The ADATA Premier SP550 SSD Review : A Second Look At Silicon Motion’s SM2256 Controller

Silicon Motion’s SM2246EN SSD controller was a highly successful solution for SSDs using MLC NAND flash. It offered a great combination of power efficiency, solid performance, and low cost.

Last year we got an early look at the successor SM2256 controller for drives using TLC NAND and found that despite being made for TLC it didn’t do a very good job of mitigating the performance and power consumption problems inherent to TLC NAND. At the time there were only a few mainstream TLC drives and the SM2256 was one of the first controllers designed specifically with TLC in mind. That preview was based on a reference design drive using Samsung 19nm TLC and prerelease firmware, so we were hopeful for improvement in final retail products that would be using different NAND and firmware.

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