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PS5 M.2 SSD expansion will be available to all in an upcoming software update PS5 owners


Today we are taking a look at the ADATA XPG Gammix S70 1TB SSD. The S70

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Launched alongside the company’s high-performance Mushkin Gamma SSD, the Mushkin Delta (starts at $149.99 for 1TB;

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Pure NVMe all-flash arrays (AFAs) are the only way to go for the best storage performance

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Acer is a world-leading manufacturer of computer hardware. The company was founded in 1976, in Taiwan.

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Lexar has made a name for itself in the portable storage market—they are very well known


G.SKILL is well known for its system memory and SSDs and has recently expanded into the

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Patriot’s Viper VP4300 pumps out fast sequential speeds of up to 7.4 / 6.8 GBps read/write

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