Sony LSPX-P1 portable ultra-short focus projector throws big image

Sony has unveiled a new portable projector called the LSPX-P1 that is a portable ultra-short focus projector designed to throw big and clear images from very close to the projection surface. Sony says that the projector can throw an image 80-inches wide from only 22-inches from the projection surface.

The projector is small enough to be mounted to throw images on a table or the floor as well. The body of the compact projector is 8cm square making it very small and compact. The projector has an integrated battery and speaker for use on the go.

The projector can link to a smartphone to throw a clock, weather app, images as digital posters and other video content on the wall or surface. It can also connect to HDMI devices like Blu-ray players and computers. The internal battery is good for two hours of use per charge.

The light source for the projector is a laser diode and it has 100 lumens of brightness. That likely means you will need a dark room for ideal image quality. Content can be stored on the 4GB of internal storage the projector offers.

Connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. A separate box handles the wireless HDMI connectivity. Pricing in Japan is 93,000 yen for the projector.


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