Snapdragon 845 hands-on: The blueprint for 2018

This is the first Snapdragon 845 smartphone and, if you’re thinking “that looks like a pretty generic Android device,” then you’re not far off the mark. In fact, the reference designs are the most generic phones of all: they’re simply designed to give device OEMs and other companies an idea of what to expect from the new chips. In fact, Qualcomm has two such devices it showed me.

The first is more like a shortened VHS cassette than a phone, which allows for more ports than you’d get on the average commercial smartphone. It has all the core components, however – like fingerprint and iris scanners – even if they’re not especially ergonomically placed. It’s one of the early designs that Qualcomm provides to its partners.

Far more akin to what you’d expect to find in a carrier store, meanwhile, is the second design. That looks like a fairly bland Android device – think along the lines of a Nexus 5 or thereabouts – though you still get things like a 2K display and dual rear cameras. It’s a lot closer to what manufacturers’ final production handsets will resemble.

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