Shure SRH1540 closed back Headphones Review


The SRH1540 comes packaged in a large box (as is to be expected for a set of full-size headphones), but nothing fancy or otherwise premium, much like what you’d get with a pair of shoes. The large image of the SRH1540 on the front shows off the weaved carbon fibre texture used on the earcups. The text on the rear of the box lists some features in a few different languages, whilst the left-hand side lists some specifications, and the right-hand side lists the included accessories.



The SRH1540 includes pretty much everything you’d expect, and more. Firstly, the storage case seems really well-made and will serve as good protection. Second is the inclusion of 2 cables. Although, it does seem odd for Shure to include 2 identical cables. It would have been better to include a longer coiled cable. Last but not least is the biggest surprise of all – extra earpads. The SRH1540’s earpads are some the most comfortable out there, so the inclusion of a spare set is a great addition.

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