September 2016 New Gear

Tributaries Aurora Active Fiber-Optic HDMI Cable

The Aurora hybrid fiber-optic cable is the first of its kind to be certified by DPL Labs to transport HDMI signals at data rates up to 18Gbps over cable lengths up to 98 feet—rates Tributaries says you’ll need with Ultra HD Blu-ray content that supports 10-bit color and high dynamic range (HDR).

Glass Meets Copper: Aurora is a marvel of electro-optical engineering: Audio/video/clock and control signals are transmitted optically through glass fiber, while copper carries HDCP and other two-way data. The brain of the cable, originally designed for military applications, is an optical microchip encased in the HDMI source-connector. Circuitry that handles signal conversion is contained in the connector head shells, and power is provided a USB 2.0 cable. Price: $1,350 (33 feet), $1,500 (49 feet), $1,650 (66 feet), $1,800 (82 feet), and $1,950 (98 feet).

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