Sennheiser PC 373D Review : Luxury Sound, Luxury Price

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sennheiser PC 373D

Sennheiser is no stranger to offering high-end audio to high-end customers, and the company’s PC 373D gaming headset is no exception. This premium peripheral offers excellent 7.1 surround sound and a supercrisp microphone, all within a lightweight and stylish design that’s a joy to wear for hours on end. It’s even got a nifty companion app that lets you change settings on the fly without sifting through tiresome menus.

While some of the 373D’s competitors — even wireless ones — offer similar features for less money, the headset’s wonderfully immersive sound and all-day comfort may make it worth the premium for you.

Simple but stylish

The black-and-red Sennheiser 373D skirts the line between simple and stylish. The headset’s plush velvet ear cups and headband bring Sennheiser’s high-end headphones to mind, while its black plastic frame is unassuming enough to blend into your desk full of gaming gear.

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