Sennheiser Game One Review — Gorgeous But Overpriced

I don’t know who first set the precedent that a black-and-red color scheme translates to “awesome, and maybe a little bit evil,” but I’d like to tip my hat to that person. The Sennheiser Game One headset ($250) is a slick black peripheral with just enough shiny red highlights to turn heads. The downside is that it’s the only feature about this very-decent-overall headset that’s likely to draw much attention.

The Game One’s audio sounds good, but maybe not as good as a $250 headset should sound. It’s pretty, but too bulky to use while you’re out and about. It boasts lots of padding, but could feel much more comfortable. Taken as a whole, the Game One is a competent device, but it doesn’t really do anything to justify its premium price.

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