RoboShoot MX-20/RX-20 TTL Flash Triggers for Fuji X Review

Today, I’m taking a look at something a bit different from my normal reviews: a wireless TTL flash trigger for the Fuji X series. This set is the RoboShoot MX-20 from Serene automation, which provides through the lens metering via off camera flash using Fujifilm or Nikon flashguns on your Fuji X camera.

I don’t do a ton of shooting with off-camera flash, and both due to cost and my shooting style, I use fully manual radio flash triggers for my personal work, but it was great to test out what I believe are the only native TTL radio triggers for the Fuji X series.  The functionality is unique in the Fuji world, but they come in at a rather eye-opening $380 price point for the reviewed master trigger and receiver set reviewed here today.  Is it worth the price?

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