Polar Vantage V hands-on review : First look – V800 successor brings the power and upgraded HR skills

Serious athletes need only apply for this supercharged sports watch

We’ve spoken to a lot of professional athletes and one question we always ask them is what tech they use to train with. Whether it’s ultrarunners or triathletes, there’s a sports watch that gets mentioned more often than most and that’s the Polar V800. That beast of a sports watch is a popular choice for those who have to train multiple times a day and participate in events that can last a number of days. It’s got that mammoth battery life, durable design with a big screen to cram in a whole lot of data, and those coaching tools to help you train smarter.

The V800 launched in 2014, which doesn’t feel that long ago, but in tech terms, it feels like it’s well due a refresh. Since then, Polar has extended the life of the watch for pros through a number of software updates, adding features like its adaptive running program, GoPro support and even 24/7 activity tracking. Polar says it didn’t want to offer a follow-up to the V800 until it had something really innovative to show off that would blow its competitors out of the water.

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