Osterhout Design Group wants to make your next pair of AR smartglasses

ODG has been around for ages and knows a thing or two about augmented reality

ODG AR smartglasses: What are they?

Augmented reality is still an area that has yet to really show the world what it can do. Beyond apps, we’ve seen bits and pieces of HoloLens, Meta, Magic Leap, and so forth but nothing’s quite ready for the public eye. Google Glass is the closest piece of consumer AR though it didn’t take off as expected leaving developers to scratch it and head back to the enterprise drawing board.

That means there’s nothing really stopping a little known company from quietly stealing all the AR thunder. Osterhout Design Group, or ODG, has been in the biz for years – almost 20 – and thanks to its CEO and founder Ralph Osterhout, it knows the tech really well.

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