NuYu Personal Activity Monitor and Wireless Scale review

The best part about this budget, beginner fitness tracker is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to push any buttons or input any data, other than at set up. You can sync it once per day to get an overview of your activity and goals and it’s all easy to understand. It is also so light that we could sleep with it on every night without it being bothersome. It’s priced low enough to be a decent device for those wanting to get their feet wet in the activity tracker category. The screen’s responsiveness is shabby, at best, but doesn’t stop you from being able to use it. We believe this is a viable device for anyone looking to get into wearables, but have minimal fitness needs. The wireless scale, too, is nothing special but very cheap. What could make the NuYu system really great is the incoming coaching plans so watch this space.

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