No.1 G12 Smart Watch Review – Not The Average Budget Wearable

NO.1 stepped out of its apparent comfort zone to deliver a watch that looks and performs above the usual ‘throwaway’ level seen in its bracket.

NO.1 may be a more well-known brand for releasing super rugged and somewhat bulky sports watches. One of its most recent offerings, the NO.1 G12 Smart Watch, takes things in an entirely different direction, however. A fair amount of ruggedization is still in place and the design materials chosen should last for some time but the focus here leans in a more fashion-forward direction. The software and display are better this time around as well as the overall performance. Although there is still plenty in play to remind users that the G12 only costs around $30, the new wearable was a genuine joy to wear around. Barring one or two caveats that will certainly put it outside of the realm of usability for a number of consumers, this fitness wearable proves that the company is learning from its past devices.

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